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Asset based lending, refers to the ability of a lender to provide a mortgage to someone solely based on a piece of real estate, referred to as an asset as collateral.

Our average loans range from 6 to 12 months. On occasion, we will extend terms longer than 12 months. But in these cases there needs to be an underlying reason and lower loan amount, relative to the current value of the property.

Our rates range from 9.99% to 14.99% based on a number of conditions

    1. Loan LTV
    2. Loan Term
    3. Property condition
    4. Current market conditions

No, we love working with first time investors. We want all borrowers to be successful in their real estate investing. Therefore we want to make sure investors don’t get over their head on a project. Our biggest concern is matching experience and skill with project scope, so everyone comes out a winner.

No. We will look at any size loan.

Yes. A large loan for us is $1.5M. Any loan larger than that, may be to big for us at this time.

We need three items to close a loan. Clean Title, a property Inspection and a property insurance policy. Once we have all those items we are clear to close. Our average closing takes 5 business days from our first conversation, but we can close in as little as 24 hours if title is complete.

We need only a few items to approve a borrower

    1. Property Address
    2. Purchase price or Refi Amount
    3. Work required to be completed on the property
    4. Property ARV

No. Credit is only a concern if you plan on refinancing a property out with a conventional lender.

All of the lower 48 States.

Yes. But we want to make sure the 1st lien is current and we are still in an equity position that does not exceed 70% LTV.

Yes. This depends on the value of the property and LTV. We do not like to exceed 70% LTV on any property, no matter they type or position of the loan.

Yes. They are always in a reimbursement format with a construction draw schedule agreed upon prior to closing.

Yes. It’s hard for us to end on properties where all the value is in the rehab. For instance. You buy a property for $30,0000. It needs $100,000 of work and it’s worth $200,000 when it’s completed. The majority of the property value is in the rehab, which makes this a near impossible loan for us to complete.

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