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I’ve worked with Next Bridge on multiple deals, with Mark’s input and assistance. The process has always been seamless with no unnecessary delays.  The funds are wired the day before close, so there are no hiccups or a scramble to close in escrow due to the wire not arriving in time.   

I appreciate the attention given by Next Bridge and the team, which allows me to concentrate on my clients and take the stress of closing off the table.

Alan S.

Commercial Broker

Over the past five years, I have flipped over 200 properties. Next Bridge has always given me the flexibility I need to operate my business. They have extended a Line of Credit on some of the rental properties I own.  If and when I need funds, I just call Mark and make the request.  The funds are then wired into my account. The process couldn’t be easier!  

Rhonda S.

Fix and Flip Client

 They are wonderfully refreshing to work with. They are quick to respond, push deals to the table, and tailor their loans to fit the needs of the Sponsor.  They understand that they are bridging the gap from where someone is versus where they want to be, and structure the deals to facilitate the best end result of the loan. I know when I use them I am dealing with people of integrity and compassion. I trust them with my livelihood and the livelihood of my clients. 

Fred S.

Commercial Broker

Next Bridge is one of the best companies I have had the pleasure to work with. I have been doing business with this company for the past two years. They are fast and precise when closing a deal. There are never any delays and are clear and concise with their terms from the very beginning. The whole process of receiving and completing a loan takes a matter of days rather than months. I recommend Next Bridge to all my clients! 

Nash M.

Commercial Broker

I have been working with Mark and Next Bridge Funding for years and his consistency on great service and terms has never changed. He is always open minded to listening to his clients and making a win win for everybody. Have tried to work with other private lenders and never works out.

Karen F.

Real Estate Investor

Next Bridge has been a pleasure to work with, as well as a life saver. They have assisted me in the opportunities to continue as an investor and grow my business profilio. They are speedy, professional, and most importantly trustworthy. 

Jonnita S.

Real Estate Broker

As a small business owner, who has met his own challenges of 2020, I am proud to have had the help of my friends Mark Abbruzzese and his team with Next Bridge Funding, help me in the most desperate of time.

This is not your typical funding company who concentrates on your credit score or financials. They actually listen and help in a way that fits your needs.

I’ve done more than 4 transactions with them and hopefully will do more!!

Bruce R.

Real Estate Investor & Business Owner

I was referred to Mark to apply for a loan to buy commercial real estate.  Mark was always responsive and worked diligently.  He was able to fund my loan much quicker than any other lender I did business with.  

Mark is very nice and really cares.  He made the entire process stress free and I will always recommend him to my family and friends. 

Mark let me know up front what he needed to approve my loan and there were no surprises.  His staff members are all professional and experienced. 

Danny K.

Real Estate Investor & Lawyer
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